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A popular Bay Area guitarist renowned for his explosive global fusion of Latin folk, Rumba Flamenco, French Gypsy and Middle Eastern music, David Correa is recording under his own name after many years as leader of David Correa and Cascada. The dynamically rhythmic, deeply melodic nylon string master’s NEW MOON explores his passion for the Southwest. His journey includes the soulful, spirited “Hacienda,” the whimsical, percussive “Sandstorm” and the exuberant, high energy “Paseo del Pueblo.” Dancing and dreaming under the NEW MOON is encouraged as you listen! 

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New Moon

NEW MOON marks David Correa’s emergence as a solo artist, showcasing the unique, vibrant sound of his Spanish/Latin guitar playing. Correa still employs a rich assortment of backing artists, performing on bass, Latin, African and Mediterranean region drums, rhythm guitar, violin and palmas. The music has clear Spanish influences (the blend of flamenco and rumba always conjures images of Spain), but Southwestern flavors are strong as well, particularly in the melodies.

Music Under the Stars - Ventura, CA

"This Bay Area band lives up to its name as a 'waterfall' of exuberant influences - Nuevo Flamenco, Latin folk, Afro-Cuban and Middle Eastern melodies with spicy Gypsy guitar solos and foot and soul moving Latin Rhythms"